The #1 Thing that Stops you From Using your Planners

We've noticed a phenomenon that occurs when someone new buys our planners. We call it 'planner fear'.

Planner Fear


1. An unpleasant emotion caused by your internal perfectionist gremlin screaming at you to never ever write in your brand new planner (ever).

Because what if you f it up? Or write something that you need to scribble out? Or you make a spelling mistake? Or your pen pressure is too much? Or your ink colour doesn't suit?

Look: we collectively refuse to let you buy a life map collective planner and not use it. Not a freaking chance.

Our challenge to you is:

1. As soon as you get your planner, fill out the very first page. That's all.

Action drives out planner fear. As soon as you get your parcel, grab whatever pen is nearby (We know. Shock. Horror. Maybe strategically place one ahead of time to avoid a total breakdown). Start writing.

Our general motto is: F*ck planner fear. Feel free to embrace it as you start writing in your planner.

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